Do you ever encounter something new, not a fad or trend but more like a word or concept, and suddenly it’s everywhere?  And you’re not sure if your just noticing it more now, or it it’s the universe trying to beat you about the head?

That’s been poly/nonmonogamy for me in the past couple months.  Within a week or so of C and I having “the talk” things started to pop up.  First, someone revived the poly thread on a general forum I visit.  Not wholly unexpected, but somewhat amusing.

Then there was Mo’Nique’s interview with Barbara Walters where she talked about her open marriage (and the fact that she doesn’t shave her legs which I felt was rather braver), which I only saw because it was linked by Dan Savage, and he has some rather strong views on monogamy and its impracticality for many people, so again not terribly surprising.

I had just started going to the UU church in town, and they held their new member meetings, which I attended.  And met B, who introduced herself as poly.  Now, there are plenty of poly folk who are UU (and plenty of UUs who are poly, but I had never (knowingly) met one.  B is awesome and we have other things in common, too, so I was all excited to make my first poly friend.  Or so I thought.

Because this week our friends from Back East came out to us as poly (see previous post).  Completely unexpected although not overly shocking considering them and the other poly folk I’ve conversed with.  Overly intelligent, sexually open, not pinned down by societal expectations, and creative thinkers.  Yep, seems like a recipe for polyness.  😀

OK, universe, I think I’ve got it now.  My head has been sufficiently beaten so as to let the knowledge soak in.  I’m getting on that now, so you don’t need to tell me my born-again maiden Aunt is actually part of a large polyfi circle or anything like that.  Thanks so much.


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