Wait, someone might be interested in me?

A bit of personal history:  I had a boyfriend in Middle School, who asked me out after my best friend turned him down.  Then, nothing, until I hooked up with the girl who is now my wife.  With the exception of a creepy guy on a plane once, I’ve never been hit on by a stranger.  Never been asked out on a date until this year.

So the whole concept that someone would be interested in me is a little foreign.  Especially when that someone is an attractive male who doesn’t really know me that well.

Unfortunately he didn’t tell me this, his GF who is my friend did.  As they are poly and she knows I’m looking, I don’t think she would have brought it up if she wasn’t cool with me returning interest, but I need to actually ask her.  It’s one thing, in my mind, to know your partner is involved with other people.  It’s another when your partner is involved with your friends.  Not that it would bother me at all…

I was just too stunned I think to process past that when it came up.  But yeah, he’s totally my “type,” if you will, and I am totally interested back.  I have been for a while.  I just assumed that he would be in no way interested in me.  I am sometimes dumb.


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