Poly trust

One of the things I’m really liking right now as I embark on this whatever-it-is with E is that I have a level of trust in him that I wouldn’t with most people I barely knew, simply because he has what amounts to good references.  I see it this way: I know B pretty well at this point.  Enough to know that she has a ) good taste, b) good values, and c) good judgement.  I also know she wouldn’t put up with someone who wasn’t worthy.  Therefore, if E is a guy she loves and respects (which he is), then he must be a decent person.  As C said when I was going out with him the other night, “B likes him, so I’m not worried he’s a serial killer.”  B also values our friendship, which E knows, so he has extra incentive to not be a dick to me (not that I think he would anyway) since it might piss off his girlfriend.  Of course, it works the same way for me – I have to do right or risk losing the friendship with B (again, not that I would do that anyway).  It’s really an interesting dynamic, and one I’m enjoying.


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  1. That’s an interesting way of looking at poly trust, thanks for sharing your perspective 🙂


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