18 months

Tomorrow marks a year and a half of this crazy relationship thing with E.  It’s not the sort of thing he’ll remember, and I wouldn’t expect him to.  But I mark it for my own memories, and take a moment to pause an reflect on what I have learned in the past year and a half because I have known him.

I can say the things that matter – hard things, scary things, true things – and the world will not collapse.  Even when I say them knowing they will hurt someone I love.

I can ask for what I want, and I can live with the consequences whether I get it or not.

I can have the kind of sexual connection I dreamed of as a teen, and the friendly, loving relationship I want as an adult, and they can be the same thing.

Domesticity is not a prerequisite for a deep, meaningful relationship.

I can support someone and love them deeply without having to carry their burdens for them.

Boys ARE different, and a little odd, but that can be a wonderful thing.

I am loved, beyond expectations, and by so many.


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  1. Hey, congratulations to you, too!


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