I love my parents

After many, many months of meaning to do it, I finally can out to my parents as poly.  Well, I didn’t use the word poly, but described, in a letter, my open marriage with C and my growing relationship with E.  I sent it by e-mail, and then promptly went to do volunteer work to keep me from worrying too much.

At the end of my volunteer shift, I got this e-mail from my mom.

I have no problem with this not am I shocked. I see it as a way to maybe have a grandchild.  C should not worry about what we would think.  If it is ok with her, ok with you ,you are practicing safe sex, (i.e. no STD’s) and it enhances your marriage and your happiness go for it.  You can discuss this with either one of us.  We would not have a problem. I’d just talk to dad.   He will be glad you are happy!!

Invite him over for Sunday dinner- we would like to meet someone who is important to you.

So I think the most amusing part of all of this, aside from my parents being awesome and non-judgemental and cool, is Mom immediately thinking of her potential future grand babies.  (Of course, she’s not as bad as C’s mom, who’s been asking about babies since we first moved in together when C was 19, so both too young for babies and LACKING IN SPERM.)

Dad was totally cool with it, too.  And when I told E that I’d told my folks and he’d been invited to dinner, he said he’d need to pick out his bow tie (I think because bow ties are cool).  Because he is also awesome.

So much worry is gone now.  No more giving half truths or outright lies to the parents about where I’m going, no more trying to find a place out of earshot to have phone conversations.  And C is not longer worrying about what will happen when my parents find out.



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  1. So happy for you! What awesome parents.


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