Who is this person?

I’m a queer West Coast girl in a 8+ year committed relationship with a woman, C.  C and I have been married since ’04 and exploring polyamory since late winter ’10, at my request.

I suppose some people would call me bisexual, as I am interested in both women and men, but that term has so many connotations that I don’t fit, and well, it feels like a box.  I don’t like boxes.  In general, I am far more homophilic that heterophilic and have always bonded best with other women.  My attraction to men tends to be to specific men (although there are times when I feel like I’ll take anything with a penis!  😀 ).

For the benefit of all parties, I’m trying to keep identifying info fairly vague.  C and I moved back to the West Coast from New England in the fall of ’09 and are living with my family who we’re not ready to come out to about this.  Someday we will, just not while living in the same house.  🙂


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